Week 0 Homework


Please follow the instructions in the Week 0 Installation Guide to install the necessary software and tools for this week.

GitHub Repository Access

To gain access to the team’s repository, please either fill out this form or send me your GitHub username directly. Access the repository sections here:


For instructions on using the command line interface (CLI), refer to the Week 0 Notes. Please note that while the basics of bash will be covered in our next lesson, you are encouraged to experiment on your own in the meantime.

Homework Overview

This week’s homework consists of three parts, focusing more on reading and exercises than coding. Parts 2 and 3 are graded based on completion. All submissions should be made via GitHub to your specific section’s repository.

Submitting Homework

  • Repository Setup: Submit all homework through your section’s repo using the git submodule setup described in the week0 installation guide.
  • Submodule Naming: Name your submodule lastname-firstname.
  • Committing: Commit all your work to your own repo. I will update the main repo during grading. You do not need to commit to the main repo once your submodule is set up.
  • Time Limit: If any assignment takes more than an hour, feel free to skip it.

Part 1: Observation and Installation

  1. Observation Task: Note any differences between your setup and a clear session. Upload your observations to the Week 0 Notes under the filename “part_1_notes.txt”.
  2. Installation Task: Install neofetch and capture its output:
    $ git clone https://github.com/dylanaraps/neofetch
    $ cd neofetch
    $ make PREFIX=./ install
    Upload the output screenshot to the Week 0 Notes as “neofetch.img”. Example output: Neofetch
    git add part_1_notes.txt neofetch.img
    git commit -m "part 1"
    git push

Part 2: Video Analysis

  • Task: Watch a video segment from this video from 5:00 to 19:00. Take notes and submit them as “part_2_notes.txt”. If possible, watching the entire video is recommended.
    git add part_2_notes.txt
    git commit -m "part 2 notes"
    git push

Part 3: Article Review

  • Task: Read this article by Paul Graham and note anything significant. Submit your notes as “part_3_notes.txt”.
    git add part_3_notes.txt
    git commit -m "part 3 notes"
    git push

Completion: Submitting your assignments will contribute positively to your grade. Ensure you follow the guidelines to ensure your submissions are recorded correctly.